Honors Information

The purpose of a middle school Honors course is to prepare students for high school Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Credit classes. SAISD encourages students to enroll in available Honors classes to enhance their academic experience.  To enroll in these classes students are encouraged to have met STAAR, MAP, and grade average criteria listed in the Middle School Course Catalog

Honors courses are designed to be more rigorous and challenging. They cover the curriculum in more depth and prepare students to be successful in high school Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Credit Courses. 

Honors courses are English language arts and reading, science, social studies, and math courses that:

  • Are designed to challenge motivated students and prepare them for success in college-level coursework in high school and beyond
  • Require additional outside reading.
  • Require more independent learning than non honors courses.

Honors is not an all or nothing, students should choose Honors classes based on their areas of academic strength and interests.

Guidelines for Probable Success in Honors Classes in Middle School