Students in Mrs. Boyd's Art class used their skills to decorate the 6th Grade Office area

With the installation of new glass walls in the 6th-grade administration area over the summer, a new challenge arose on how to decorate for Christmas.  The first thing that came to mind was contacting our 6th grade Art Teacher, Ms. Boyd, and see if she had any talented art students who would be willing to take on this daunting task.  When asked Ms. Boyd responded, "I have many talented students and I am sure they can make it happen".

Make it happen they did as Nadia Reyes and Serena Lopez of her 2nd-period class took on the Grinch's Christmas side of the hallway, while Cadence Hamilton and Ali Zapata took on the other side of the hallway with the theme of a "Charlie Brown Christmas".  Jasmine Ramirez was added to the team later in the project and contributed to the Charlie brown side of the hallway.   The students took great pride in painstakingly drawing and painting over a 5-day period.  Their reward was a chic fila luncheon and the admiration of all who pass their murals.  Their creativity and commitment to this project serve as a shining example of all the wonderful students at Glenn Middle School.  Happy Holidays.